Front Panel

Back Panel

Size: 7 1/4W x 9 5/8L x 2 1/2H (inches)

Supplied power supply: 9VDC 1.2A regulated switching supply (wall-wart)

Up to 8 outputs (unbalanced) and 8 crossover filters

Maximum filter size: < 8192 floating-point values (actual filter size must be less than this value due to the circular convolution calculation method used)

Stereo SPDIF input option (RCA jack)

Audio input/output connector type: RCA jack

USB 2.0 full-speed series-B receptacle (12Mbits/sec)

USB 2.0 cable (optional)

Stereo unbalanced audio input clipping onset at 3.047 V peak

Maximum unbalanced audio output: 2.8 V peak

Approximate communication rate over USB port: 0.144Mbits/sec

Typical THD+N at 1kHz, 48kHz bandwidth: 2.7e-5 (from loopback test)

Typical THD+N at 20kHz, 48kHz bandwidth: 3.1e-5 (from loopback test)

Input ADC and output DAC resolution: 24 bits

Selectable audio sampling frequencies: 44.1kHz,88.2kHz,48kHz,96kHz

Remote control format: Sony 10810 (TV) (Remote control is supplied)

Overall accuracy from loopback test: ±.034dB, 10Hz-20kHz; ±0.1dB, 10Hz-30kHz