VC.EXE is a program that is capable of controlling the Virtual Crossover. You need to run VC.EXE if you want to change any of the programmable features of the Virtual Crossover, or if you want to carry out measurements.

There are two versions of the VC program, one for Linux and the other for Windows. So far the Windows version has been tested on Windows XP with service pack 2, and on a Windows 7 Professional 32 bit system. (For Windows 7 you need to install Libusb as administrator, and I also selected compatibility mode with Windows XP Service Pack 2 when I ran the installation program).

The Linux and Windows versions do almost the same things, except that the file for the Windows version has a few more input options than for the Linux version.

The VC.EXE software manual for the Windows version of the program is available as a pdf file.